Our team

Our team is comprised of people from across numerous organisations and with varied backgrounds. You can click some members to hear from them about why they're involved in the StopWatch campaign.

  • Ben Bowling's avatar

    Prof. Ben Bowling Kings College, London Play video »

  • Chris Baugh's avatar

    Chris Baugh Boxing coach & mentor Play video »

  • Giovanna Midgley

  • Jay Jay Spinks's avatar

    Jay Jay Spinks Electronic engineering undergraduate Play video »

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    Joanna Fleck

  • Kanja Sesay's avatar

    Kanja Sesay

  • Karen Chouhan's avatar

    Karen Chouhan Equanomics UK

  • Kayela Damaze's avatar

    Kayela Damaze

  • Lee Bridges's avatar

    Prof. Lee Bridges University Of Warwick Play video »

  • Leonie Howe's avatar

    Dr. Leonie Howe University of Greenwich

  • Louis Howell's avatar

    Louis Howell College student & young facilitator

  • Michael Oswald's avatar

    Michael Oswald Bhatt Murphy

  • Mike Shiner's avatar

    Dr. Mike Shiner London School of Economics Play video »

  • Monique Lane's avatar

    Monique Lane Freelance media consultant Play video »

  • Munira Mohammed's avatar

    Munira Mohammed Youth worker & teacher, Lambeth

  • Natasha Dhumma's avatar

    Natasha Dhumma StopWatch Senior Engagement Officer Play video »

  • Neena Samota's avatar

    Neena Samota Independent Consultant Play video »

  • Niamh Eastwood's avatar

    Niamh Eastwood Release Play video »

  • Oni Ozuzu's avatar

    Oni Ozuzu DJ and radio presenter Play video »

  • Patrick Jacobs's avatar

    Patrick Jacobs Not Another Drop

  • Rachel Cass's avatar

    Rachel Cass IARS

  • Rebekah Delsol's avatar

    Dr. Rebekah Delsol Open Society Justice Initiative Play video »

  • Rob Jappie's avatar

    Rob Jappie Release Play video »

  • Sam Waterton's avatar

    Sam Waterton Media specialist Play video »

  • Sarah McSherry's avatar

    Sarah McSherry Christian Khan

  • Taher Gulamhussein's avatar

    Taher Gulamhussein

  • Tara Lai Quinlan's avatar

    Tara Lai Quinlan London School of Economics

  • Zin Derfoufi University of Warwick