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    England Riots: Time for a public inquiry, with policing on the agenda

    It is clear that a serious public inquiry is needed to examine the causes of August's unrest, how events unfolded, and the police response. The underlying causes are without doubt multi-faceted, influenced by public policy, social inequality and economic failure. Read more »

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    Government plays politics with police accountability

    ​Nick Herbert, Minister of Justice for Policing and Criminal Justice, claims that cutting all recording of stop and account will save 450,000 hours of police time per year and reducing the recording of stop and search will save another 300,000 officer hours a year. This conjures up visions of officers, freed of ‘red tape’, getting on with the real job of fighting crime. Sounds good? Read more »

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    Police stop-and-search data is needed to account for equality

    Axing proper records of stop-and-search won't save police much time. But it will lose them trust. Rebekah Delsol and Michael Shiner discuss. Read more »

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