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    Profiles Of The Profiled

    How does it feel to be stopped and searched? This film explores the emotions of young people who tell their own stories. Read more »

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    Y-Stop launches new app aimed at police accountability

    An exciting new app for smart phones will allow people to report, record and complain about police encounters. Read more »

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    From negative experiences to positive ideas: youth voices on stop and search

    On 17 March, we brought a group of 30 young people from across the country together in London to share their stop and search projects and create strategies to challenge the use of stop and search in their communities. Read more »

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    Y-Stop launches

    Check out the new Y-Stop Search Cards, from a new project that helps young people to handle stop and search. Read more »

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    The Shared Ordeal of Stop and Search

    When StopWatch Youth member Kayela attended a conference on young people and diversity in the outskirts of Paris, the stories she heard about racial profiling from the students who live there sounded familiar. Read more »

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    StopWatch Strategy Day 2014

    Here's StopWatch intern Seth Maynard's account of our annual Strategy Day which took place in January. Read more »

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    StopWatch Youth networks with activists across Europe

    I recently participated in a pan-European anti-racist conference “Wipe Out Hate! UNITED in Solidarity” in Prague, sharing StopWatch’s work with other youth activists. Here is my account of five days of learning, discussion and networking. Read more »

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    How I came to see drug policy as an anti-racist issue

    Having joined Release from an anti-racist background, I only ever understood tackling the ethnic disproportionality that exists in stop and search within a framework of challenging police and societal prejudice. The government held a public consultation on stop and search over the summer and its response is due to be published by the end of the year. Our report on racial disparities in the policing of drugs in the UK has me convinced that changing our drug laws are integral to ensuring stop and search powers are used fairly. Here’s why. Read more »

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    StopWatch Youth Group Writes an Open Letter to the Home Secretary

    As the Home Office consultation on stop and search closes today, the StopWatch Youth Group tells the Home Secretary what stop and search really means for young people and why this consultation is only the beginning. Read more »

  • The Home Office Stop and Search Consultation: Have Your Say!

    The Home Secretary has announced a public consultation into stop and search. It’s really important that as many people, especially those with experiences of being stopped and searched, write in so that the government knows how you really feel about it, and we’re here to help you have your say! Read more »

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