26 October 2012

Police and Crime commissioner - News Round Up

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This is the second in a series of round ups of PCC campaign news that we will be producing during the run up to the election on 15th November 2012.

A boycott of the Police Commissioners election could let extremists in

Nina Kelly argues that low turn outs in the PCC elections could result in victories for far-right candidates.



56% unaware of election for Police and Crime Commissioner role

A Sunday Sun poll amongst 1000 people in Newcastle North revealed that 56% of people surveyed did not even know about the election, and of those who were aware, 51% definitely do not intend to vote.



Is police candidate a Trojan horse for right-wing American think-tank?

Controversy surrounding Mervyn Barrett, Independent candidate for Lincolnshire, and his sources of funding.



Officers 'really worried' about police and crime commissioners' powers

The Metro claims that rank-and-file officers are worried about what PCCs will mean for them and the future of policing.



Justice Secretary Chris Grayling condemns 'silly' ex-Met chief Lord Blair for telling voters to boycott police chief elections

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling attacked Lord Blair for telling people not to vote for elected commissioners because he doesn’t believe they should be managing forces.



Tony Lloyd and Alun Michael quit Commons to fight police election

Two Veteran Labour MPs, Tony Lloyd and Alun Michael, have resigned from the House of Commons to stand as police and crime commissioners for their areas.


Police and Crime Commissioners provide a chance for more connected policing

Blog post outlining how PCCs could be advantageous to local communities by giving them a chance to influence police priorities.



The secret US  lobbyists behind Police and Crime Commissioner Election

Claims that a high profile PCC candidate is being secretly backed by US lobbyists supporting police privatisation.


Why vote for Police and Crime Commisioner is so vital

A passionate outline by local newspaper Shorpshire Star on why PCC are so vital to its residents.



Testing the powers of Yorkshire's police commissioners

BBC’s Yorkshire political editor, Len Tingle, outlines why some of the successful PCC candidate could have their powers to hold chief constables to account tested to breaking point within hours of being elected.



Former Met boss Sir Ian Blair tells people not to vote in elections for police and crime commissioners

Sir Ian Blair criticises PCC structures calls for people to boycott the elections as a way of defeating the policy.



Elected police commissioners: a criminal waste of a good idea

Fraser Nelson, editor of The Spectator, shares his thoughts on the quality of PCC candidates and skepticism over the new landscape of policing.


First ever elections for police and crime commissioners

The BBC reports on what PPCs mean for people in England and Wales. (video)



Social media and the PCC elections: Tweeting candidates

The BBC takes an interesting look at how some PCC hopefuls are using social media to connect with voters.



Never mind the turnout – it's the vote that counts

This is Cornwall looks at voter turnout and what it means for the legitimacy of the local PCCs.



Commissioner vote advert 'unjust'

Campaigner condemns Home Office’s PCC TV adverts for its portrayal of young people.



TV advert bids to boost turnout in police commissioner vote

The Government launches TV campaign to raise awareness of PCC elections and encourage voters.



Half of voters think elected police chiefs will make no difference to crime

Poll by the Royal United Services Institute finds that most of those surveyed lacked faith in PCCs and felt concern in relation to the potential politicisation of policing.



Rap video to promote new top police job

Norfolk Police Authority has produced a rap video to promote the new police and crime commissioners, who will replace police authorities later this year



We need drone aircraft, says police chief

With the launch of the new National Police Air Service (NPAS), the telegraph investigates the use of unmanned drones for fighting crime.


Policing in Britain: Bobbies on the beat

The Economist reviews the HMIC’s (2012) report into how police officers prevent crime and looks into the challenges facing the police and why they are still responding to crime rather than preventing it.


Miliband aims to win back swing voters in East Midlands

Leader of the Opposition, David Miliband, says his party will review the eligibility criteria for candidates after the elections in light of drop-outs due to minor childhood offences.