10 August 2011

Conference Report: Roundtable on Ethnic/Racial Profiling in the UK and USA

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In August 2011, the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, held the two-day conference; Roundtable on Current Debates, Research Agendas and Strategies to Address Ethnic/Racial Profiling in the UK and USA. This conference report comes from the StopWatch representatives who attended.

The event brought together over 100 attendees from the US, UK and Canada. The participants included legal practitioners, academics, law enforcement, civil society, youth representatives, and others with expertise and a vested interest in Stop & Search/Stop and Frisk.

The conference provided the forum to have a high level debate on Stop and Search/Stop & Frisk, and share information on the differences, similarities, good practice and opportunities for further research.

The trip to New York also provided members of StopWatch and StopWatch Youth with the opportunity to meet several civil rights organisations that have initiated progressive and effective programmes relating to Stop and Frisk.

This research document is available to download below.