COVID-19 – What you need to know

As we navigate our way around this pandemic to try and contain the spread of the new coronavirus, there are growing fears that overzealous police officers are misusing and at worst abusing their new powers.

The new Regulations allow the police, police community support officers (PCSO) and local authority officers (LAO) to direct people violating the Regulations to go home or disperse, take people home and break up gatherings using force if necessary, and to ensure parents stop their children from breaking the rules. 

Although there is a need for public compliance, we cannot forget the importance safeguarding of our civil liberties. The police have a duty to serve and protect all, especially in such a vulnerable time. For the public to have trust and confidence in the police, they must be assured that policing encounters are fair, necessary and proportionate.

StopWatch are particularly concerned about unnecessary and disproportionate policing interactions occurring and have dedicated this page to providing the latest news. We remain committed to empowering people with knowledge and information to safely engage with the police and will continue to challenge unlawful police conduct and promote better accountability.

If you have been impacted by COVID policing or witnessed an encounter that caused concern, please get in touch with us. As well as offering support, we are keen to record and collate personal testimonials for future advocacy activities.

Please download and read our statement on the current situation, and our booklet 'COVID-19 and the police – What you need to know' (also below), for more information.

Contact Team StopWatch - or call 07399 816 921

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash.