YStop: Training and Educating Young People

A youth-led project training young people to interact with the police safely and confidently in order to reduce the potential for conflict or harm.

Y-stop is a harm reduction approach to managing contact with the police and is designed to help young people develop the skills and confidence to manage stop and search and reduce the potential for conflict or harm caused by contact with the police. As part of this project, we are working with young people and youth groups across London to support innovative ways of faciliating contact and learning between young people and their police force. The young people we have worked with have led the whole project, made every decision and designed all of our material as we wanted to create something that young people could really use. If you have an idea to make Y-Stop better, let us know!

More information and resources can be found on the dedicated Y-Stop website, including

  • Stop and search bust cards,
  • Lesson plans for schools and college teachers on the law and dealing with a stop and search encounter,
  • Session plans for youth workers,
  • Legal manual,
  • Free stop and search app.


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Y-Stop is a collaboration between charities, lawyers, young people, youth workers, community and media organisations. It is hosted by Release and run in partnership with StopWatch.