11 July 2012

Leicester communities outline their priorities for Police, Commissioners and Campaigners

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First meeting held to build community awareness of upcoming Police and Crime Commissioner elections in Leicestershire.

T​he Leicester Police and Crime Commissioner Campaign held its first meeting to build community awareness of the elections for Police and Crime Commissioner in Leicestershire on Thursday 5th July.

Equanomics UK, Clarion Voice and the National Black Police Association were assisted by student Priya Ravat and Voluntary Action Leicester to get information out to all groups in Leicestershire.

The meeting was held at the African Caribbean Centre in Highfields and others are planned for other areas.

The audience was asked what they would like from their local police force, from their Police and Crime Commissioner and from community activists. Their top priorities for policing were:

  1. To feel safer
  2. To have more confidence in the policing of their communities
  3. There should be proper discipline for officers who transgress their powers.
  4. Stop and search should be intelligence led, rather than hit and miss, which aggravates the community.

When the same group were asked what the new Police and Crime Commissioner should do when he/she takes up their post they stressed:

  1. That person should be honest and straight forward with the public.
  2. Improve the relationship between the police and community, which should take into account how to treat the public with dignity and respect.
  3. Concentrate on delivery rather than number crunching.
  4. Better discipline of officers and if necessary dismissal.
  5. Better monitoring of police actions.
  6. Consider third party reporting, which will allow those who have little confidence to come forward, and provide an avenue for complaints.

When the group were asked what organisers of these meetings could do to get the message across and to encourage attendance at events, they said:

  1. Hold seminars with popular speakers, such as Dr. Peter Stanlislas from De Montfort University.
  2. Look at choice of venues that are popular with the community
  3. Have workshops and musicians
  4. Have stands and distribute leaflets at places such as the carnivals and other such events.
  5. Do no underestimate the word of mouth method
  6. Focus on the reintroduction of Stop and Account recording

The next meeting will be held in Belgrave on the 19th July.