14 November 2012

Police and Crime commissioner - News Round Up

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This is the final of our PCC news round ups as polls open tomorrow (Thursday 15 November).

Terror law fears may rouse voters in West Yorkshire police chief poll

A look at why counter-terrorism measures may prompt northerners to vote in the forthcoming PCC elections.


Police and crime panels are already sitting

Panels to scrutinise and support the work and decisions of police and crime commissioners (PCCs) have now been established in the 41 force areas in England and Wales, the Local Government Association (LGA) has reported.


Police and crime commissioner elections: all you need to know

A summary of PCCs including its origins, criticisms, likely winners and the voting procedure.


Police and crime commissioners: hard lessons in a softly softly election

A Guardian editoral on the potential challenges facing police professional practice and operation independence.


They’re not sheriffs but can run top cops out of town

An interesting article comparing and contrasting PCCs with the American system of Sheriffs.


Ex-chief constable's call to boycott police election

Another former top police officer urges people not to vote in the forthcoming elections, this time in the form of Peter Joslin, former Warwickshire Police Chief Constable.


As a victim of crime, I’m backing PCCs

Baroness Newlove of Warrington, Conservative peer, outlines why she supports the idea of PCCs and why people should vote in the elections on Thursday 15th November.


Police elections: Dyfed-Powys force review

A video feature by Adrian Browne for the Sunday Politics Wales on PCC candidates' and their manifestos for Dyfed-Powys region.


National policing could suffer under new watchdog, senior officer warns

The police’s ability to deal with major outbreaks of public disorder and serious crime could be affected when Police and Crime Commissioners take office, one of the country’s most senior officers has warned.


Crime commissioners 'public voice'

Police and crime commissioners will take the "voice of the people" to forces across the country, Home Secretary Theresa May said ahead of the first elections for the positions this week.


Police commissioner elections could be the first step on road to corruption

Yvette Cooper, Shadow Home Secretary's damning verdict on the PCC and explanation why Labour candidates are contesting the elections.


Police and Crime Commissioners: 'Tension' warning

The introduction of police commissioners will create "inevitable tension" with chief constables over local and national policing priorities, Sir Hugh Orde has warned.


Police and Crime Commissioner candidate criticised for tactics

West Mercia's independent PCC candidate, Bill Longmore, has criticised his Conservative opponent for using Tory MPs and ministers to back his campaign.


Tory police and crime candidate faces fraud probe

Hampshire PCC hopeful Michael Mates is being probed by police over alleged electoral fraud.


Boris Johnson's ex-aide Guto Harri backs police election

An interesting reflection on the past relationship between former top London Police Commissioners and the Mayor of London.


Staffordshire PCC candidates say police budget 'a priority'

The candidates for Staffordshire's police and crime commissioner have said dealing with the force budget will be the first priority of the job.


Devon and Cornwall PCC elections: Hate crime debated

More needs to be done to tackle hate crime, candidates for the post of police and crime commissioner (PCC) for the south west have agreed.


Thames Valley PCC elections: 'Balance of urban and rural needs'

Candidates for the Thames Valley police and crime commissioner election believe responsibility for tackling urban and rural crime can be balanced


Parents hit out at schools disruption

Why some parents are already frustrated about Thursday's PCC elections before a single vote is cast.


Hartlepool regeneration residents 'feel unsafe'

Residents of Hartlepool express their concerns and frustrations over anti-social behaviour in the area.


Police and Crime Commissioner elections: how the changes could affect your streets

ITV looks at the impact that Cumbria's first PCC can have on the region.


Chief constable quits on £90,000 pension... and five days later starts work for new police commissioners

A former Chief Constable has left his post in order to head two private companies offering a range of free and paid services to PCCs.


Police commissioners will have mandate - Theresa May

The success of new police commissioners will be determined not by how many people elect them but what they do in office, the home secretary has said.


PCC candidates' views on anti-social behaviour

A brief overview of the South Yorkshire PCC hustings.


If you don't vote in next week's police elections, don't complain afterwards

MEP Daniel Hannan delivers a very clear message to eligible voters ahead of the PCC election date.


Police tsar elections ‘may lead to power vacuum’

Meredydd Hughes, a former Chief Constable, expresses his concerns in relation to a possibly low turnout for the PCC election.


First Devon and Cornwall police and crime commissioner will face crisis in funding

This is Cornwall looks at the economic challenges facing the successful PCC candidate for Devon and Cornwall.


Just one in seven may vote for new police watchdog

As few as one in seven people could turn out to vote for the Government’s flagship police and crime commissioners, a poll for the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners warns.