9 February 2012

StopWatch writes to Home Secretary Theresa May

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StopWatch writes to Theresa May MP for clarification of the terms of reference and timeline for ACPO review of stop and search.

​Dear Secretary of State,

Association of Chief Police Officers review of stop and search

We are writing to inquire as to the terms of reference and timeline for ACPO’s review of stop and search practice as you announced on the 14th December 2011.  Your announcement followed in the wake of data indicating that policing, and stop – search in particular, played a significant role in the August disturbances. However, since the announcement there has been very little clarity as to how the inquiry will proceed and what will fall within its remit. StopWatch is keen to engage with the review process however we feel that transparency on a few issues is vital.

To that end we would be grateful if you could clarify the following points for us:

We appreciate that your role as Home Secretary places significant demands upon your time, however StopWatch feels that these questions must be answered if the consultation is to have the scope and depth required for credibility. Black and Minority Ethnic communities in the UK have witnessed reviews and inquiries into policing and stop and search in the past. Sadly while these have promised much at the outset they often failed to deliver on that initial promise. The review provides an opportunity to make real progress both in improving practice on the streets and community trust in the police. It is imperative that this opportunity not be lost.

  • What are the terms of the review that has been commissioned?
  • What deliverables have been established for the review?
  • What is the timeline for those deliverables?
  • What form will the consultation process take? In particular will measures be put in place to consult with hard to reach groups? If so what measures?
  • What commitment you have made to act on any recommendations that are forthcoming from the inquiry?

We look forward to your response on this matter, and to engaging with you on this issue in the near future.

Yours Sincerely,