21 May 2013

StopWatch Youth Group is Looking for New Members!

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If you are aged 14-25 and would like to get involved in StopWatch, why not join our Youth Group?

  • Have you ever been stopped and searched by a police officer?
  • Do you feel that you, and other people your age, are unfairly treated by the police?
  • Do you want to improve policing and its effect on young people, your families, friends and communities?
  • Are you aged 14-25?

StopWatch Youth Group is looking for new members! We believe young people’s voices are essential in raising awareness of the serious impact that stop and search has on individuals and their communities, and can help improve police practice in the long term. Being stopped and searched publicly can be a frightening, inconvenient and potentially humiliating experience. Many people, particularly those from black and Asian communities, feel they are being stopped and searched simply because they fit a stereotype, this fuels anger and alienation. Do you agree? Then join us as we advocate for fair, accountable and effective policing.

As a Youth Group member, you have the chance to take part in a wide variety of projects – it depends on the interests and skills in the group as it is truly led by young people themselves, and you will be supported by the resources of the StopWatch coalition. To give you an idea of the possibilities, in the past, our activities have involved film and theatre productions, flash mobs, engaging with policy makers through debates and events. We have also had training on working with the media, with film equipment and using statistics.

“Being part of the youth group has increased my awareness of the impact police practices have on those involved. I’ve developed in my confidence and willingness to challenge such actions as well as guide others on how they can handle any police interaction.” Louis, group member

“I have gained valuable experience in using information and statistics, and through working with a wide array of people I have met from the youth group. To see others be passionate about StopWatch means I am motivated to do more.” Oni, group member.

If you are interested in being a part of the youth group, or would like more information, email info@stop-watch.org