7 September 2011

Victory as UN accepts StopWatch’s concerns about stop and search in the UK

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StopWatch action puts pressure on Government to respond.

​StopWatch recently contributed to the shadow report on race relations which a delegation of NGOs delivered to CERD in August. The delegation, led by StopWatch partners The Runnymede Trust, reported on a range of matters relating to race equality. Having previously commented on the use of stop and search, CERD was keen to hear about how recent developments had affected the situation in the UK. StopWatch member Dr. Rebekah Delsol drafted a submission to the report outlining our concerns, all of which were taken up by the committee in their response. There is now significant pressure on the Government to respond to the Committee’s comments and reaffirm their commitment to a fair and equitable criminal justice system.

You can read the committee’s consideration of the reports received and the report as submitted to CERD is available from Runnymede’s website.