25 June 2014

Y-Stop launches

Natasha Dhumma's avatar

Check out the new Y-Stop Search Cards, from a new project that helps young people to handle stop and search.

For the last few months StopWatch has working in partnership with Release on developing an exciting stop and search project aimed at young people. Y-Stop has been created by young people for young people. We think it really addresses the problems experienced during a police led stop and search. It aims to give you the skills to handle stop and search and your interactions with the police, as well as provide tools for advice, empowerment and reporting police behaviour.

After working with the talented young people of Hackney Quest, Octavia’s Foundation BASE, Fully Focused, SE1 United, Skyway Blue Hut, Waltham Forest YIAG and Youth Futures we have come up with 6 key principles to help you deal with a stop and search.

Want to know more? Take a look at the Y-Stop S.E.A.R.C.H. Card that explains each of them, with all the information and tips you need for handling a stop and search. You can also slip your card into a Y-Stop Oyster Card wallet to make sure it’s always in your pocket. If you’d like to order these materials email natasha@release.org.uk

The card can also be viewed in eReader. This means that if you have a smartphone you can save the S.E.A.R.C.H. Card directly onto it. 

We provide peer training to show you how to apply these 6 principles. If you want to book us for a session email natasha@release.org.uk

And make sure you keep checking back. This is a growing project and we’re going to be bringing out loads more material over the coming months!