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Driving While Black

Revisiting the 'Driving While Black' research report, which explored racially discriminatory policing on the roads, and launching new research on the topic

The project

In 2017, StopWatch and Liberty published 'Driving While Black', a report calling calling for an end to discriminatory policing on our roads. The report also raised concerns that drivers were being targeted because they are Black, and that a new offence and search powers (tying road traffic policing to immigration enforcement) were likely to increase the incentive for racial profiling. You can read the original report here.

Last year we began working on new research on this topic, and hope to publish an updated report and relaunch the accompanying campaign next year. Watch this space!

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For more information about the project, contact our director Habib at If you have been affected by this issue and wish to share your experience, or if you are in need of advice or support, feel free to get in touch at

Photo by Robin Pierre on Unsplash