Research and action for fair and accountable policing

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Working with facts, figures, and real experiences to gather insight into stop and search and its effects

The colour of injustice: ‘Race’, drugs and law enforcement in England and Wales

Black people nine times more likely to be stopped and searched for drugs in England and Wales despite using less drugs than White people. Cannabis laws criminalise the Black community at disproportionate rates

Colour of injustice frontcover

StopWatch response to College of Policing consultation 'Use of handcuffs: Proposed addition to APP on stop and search'

StopWatch response to the stakeholder consultation on handcuffing expresses concern over the lack of accountability for improper use of the tactic

Section 60 factsheet

Our factsheet provides the law, the history, and the statistics behind the police power

StopWatch response to HMICFRS’s 2021/22 policing inspection programme

Our response to the consultation on the policing inspection programme and framework run by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services

Being Matrixed – The (Over)policing of gang suspects in London

Report authored by Dr Patrick Williams, senior lecturer in criminology at Manchester Metropolitan University

Driving While Black

StopWatch and Liberty produce report which raises concerns about racial profiling in driver-based police stops


StopWatch response to the Independent Advisory Group on stop and search in Scotland

StopWatch responds to the Scottish government's consultation on stop and search


StopWatch responds to Home Affairs Committee inquiry into the riots

Responses submitted by both StopWatch Policy and StopWatch Youth groups.