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StopWatch briefing: changes to schedule 7 stops at ports

After a recent review conducted by the Home Office, the government has proposed legislative changes to schedule 7 stop, search and detention powers at UK's ports and airports

Schedule 7 is the widest ranging of all stop powers in the United Kingdom and does not require reasonable suspicion before it is used. Changes to the power are being proposed under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Police and Crime Bill which is currently being debated in Parliament.

StopWatch has created a briefing on these changes which can be found at the bottom of this page. The briefing includes:

  • an outline of the changes proposed (as well as current powers),
  • the impact it has had on people traveling through ports,
  • data on its use, and
  • what we think needs to be done to ensure that the power is used more effectively, fairly and proportionately.

We have also sent this briefing to a number of parliamentarians including members of the Home Affairs Select Committee, the Joint Committee on Human Rights and the Public Bill Committee tasked with considering the Anti-Social Behaviour, Police and Crime Bill.

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